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A home for Rafael Braga

A home for Rafael Braga

Novembro 07, 2017 - 11:18

The campaign aims to buy a house for the family of Rafael Braga, unjustly imprisoned since 2013 demonstrations.



Who is Rafael Braga?

Born in January 31st of 1988, Rafael used to work picking up recycling material to help his family when in June 20th of 2013, at the peak of the political demonstrations that were happening in Brazil, his calvary started. Since then, he got to be known as the man that was arrested for carrying a bottle of disinfectant.

Victim of the clear police abuse rooted in institutional racism of the Brazilian state, the young dweller of Vila Cruzeiro, a favela complex in Rio de Janeiro, was victim of another forged flagrant by the police in January of 2016. Based on a justice decision where the police word is sufficient to condemn someone even without any other witness, Rafael was sentenced to 11 years of prison.

For all that, Rafael Braga became synonym of struggle and several demonstrations demanding his liberation are organized through the whole country and even in other parts of the world.


The Campaign

And it was as a form of struggling that the Campaign for the Freedom of Rafael Braga was created.

An open and autonomous campaign that now releases a crowd funding to purchase a home in decent conditions to accommodate Rafael and his family.


The importance of a House

Rafael Braga was granted the right to treat tuberculosis (caught in prison) in home confinement, but HE IS STILL NOT A FREE MAN! And it’s because of this that our struggle continues, because we believe that soon he will be able to enjoy his freedom, but will need dignified conditions to live with his family, which also suffer with all the injustice carried out against him. And this is where you enters. We need your help with this venture, we need to show that together we are stronger.


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